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Satisfaction Guarantee

To prove our confidence in the products we sell, we offer a money back, satisfaction guarantee! As long as you make the request for your product to be returned and your product is in an unopened condition, you qualify for a refund from Breast Pump Deals. It could be 2 weeks or 2 years from your order date, it doesn't matter!

Our guarantee is what we say it is! This means no hidden small print! If you are unsatisfied with our service or products for any reason whatsoever you will get a refund! The only money you wouldn't receive back would be for shipping costs.

To return an item it must be returned in its original unopened manufacturer packaging. According to the FDA, breast pumps and accessories are personal, single-user items and thus are not returnable to Breast Pumps Deals after the packaging has been opened. All broken items should be returned directly to the manufacturer for replacement and repair.

Breast Pump Deals's foundation is based on client satisfaction via long-term relationships and this is only part of the way we try make sure our clients are confident that they will receive an honest service, from an honest company, in a risk free environment when you choose Breast Pump Deals!

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