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Freestyle was designed with the input of pumping moms… here’s what they had to say:

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! The hands-free allowed me to do other things.” 
– Jennifer


The pump is very nice because it is small and very efficient. It is smaller, the parts are easier to clean, it has a timer, it has a battery that is rechargeable, seems to me that it was faster to empty my breasts." – Clarice


The hands-free is wonderful. It made pumping much more efficient.” – Jennifer


It was wonderful!” – Laura


It made pumping more convenient. I really love the digital display with timer. I like the fact that I can put the entire pump in my lap with nursing baby while pumping the other side. I had more freedom to move.” – Corin


I like the option of using the hands-free setup. I didn’t always use it that way, but it was a nice option to have.” – Carol


It is small and you aren’t stuck in one room when you’re pumping. Love ease of use, compact design, easy to clean.” – Kristina


Hands-free option gives ability to do other things. The pump is small and light so I could carry around to different rooms.” – Maria


This pump more fit my needs. It’s smaller, so it would be easier to transport. The hands-free attachment allowed me to do other things while pumping, including comforting baby. It would be very easy to travel with and convenient to store while not in use. I feel like I could put it in my diaper bag.” – Caryn