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Breastfeeding & Pumping Resources

We are assembling a comprehensive guide to breastfeeding and pumping for new and seasoned mothers-to-be. We hope that the information is helpful for you throughout the breastfeeding process.

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Articles & How Tos

Breast Pump Basics: 101
Breastpumps work primarily by using suction, along with the movement of the nipple, to cause a let-down, so you can collect your milk. No pump mimics exactly the natural feeding action of your baby...

Breast Pump Shields & Flanges
When companies talk about different size breast pump shields or breast pump flanges they are actually talking about the nipple tunnel inside the shield or flange....

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps
Be careful when manufacturers make the claim “hospital grade” breast pump. It means very little when it comes to how well a pump works and deals more with part replacement. For any medical device to be considered “hospital grade”...

Buying New vs. Old Breast Pump
There is a real temptation to purchase a used breast pump from eBay, or that yard sale you just passed or to borrow one from a friend. Especially when money is tight. But, it just isn’t a good idea. Breast Pump Deals...

How to Choose a Breast Pump
Choosing a breast pump can be confusing, overwhelming, even intimidating. There are an ever-increasing variety of styles, from multiple manufacturers, with different features for every pump...

Types of Breast Pumps
Congratulations! You have already made one of the most important decisions for your baby, breastfeeding. Now you need to decide how you will express your milk if you have to be away from your baby for a little...

Breast Pump Reviews
Though there are lots of breast pump brands and models out on the market, you need to know what to look for and which ones are reputable before you choose to buy one. Without reading a breast pump review...

Breast Pump Comparisons
Reading the reviews is important, not just for our benefit but for the useful information it provides to mothers who are in the beginning stages of choosing the best breast pumping solution for their upcoming new...



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Comparison Charts

Ameda, Avent, Medela & Playtex Comparison

Medela Freestyle & Pump In Style Advanced Comparison

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Comparison

Medela, Spectra, Lansinoh, Evenflo, Ameda Comparison Chart


Breast Pump Insurance Coverage