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Breast Pump Comparisons

Reading the reviews is important, not just for our benefit but for the useful information it provides to mothers who are in the beginning stages of choosing the best breast pumping solution for their upcoming new arrival. Reviews provide valuable insight to the usability, maintenance and operability of the products.

With so many different options available now – from large, hospital-grade breast pumps; lightweight personal-use electric breast pumps or manual breast pumps; to the portable models – there’s something for every new mother to choose depending on her own individual situation. Pumping can be a tremendous effort, but it should never be frustrating or painful. Deciding on the right breast pump can mean the difference between maintaining your nursing goals or having them fall by the wayside.

Though there are plenty of different breast pump brands available online and in baby-related retail stores, the best route is to read or check out the reviews to find one that other mothers are happy with. You’ll also want to know which brands are reputable before choosing. Without reading the breast pump review to learn what the features are, you may end up with an inferior one. Worse yet, you could end up purchasing one that isn't really compatible with your needs instead of finding one that will make your life as a new mother less stressful and much more convenient.

A good example of this is buying a manual pump, rather than an electric pump. Take in all of the comments from experienced mothers to know which type will best suit your breast feeding needs. Some Moms leave information that tells which models have adjustable settings. Most pumps have multiple speed and suction controls. Some will allow you to adjust the breast cups to minimize air getting into the breast milk during pumping. If it doesn’t tell you that within the description, then that’s when the review is most helpful.

You should also learn how sterile a pump is before you buy it. Is it pre-sterilized or do you have to do that at home once you open the package? Find out how easy it is to clean. Sterilization is very important for a breast pump, so a good breast pump review should tell you how easy or hard a pump is to clean. If it’s difficult to sterilize, you may want to look elsewhere for a sterile breast pump.

No breast pump review would be complete without telling you what accessories can be found with each model. Of course, every model comes with at least one bottle and cap, but many come with multiple accessories for maximum convenience. Most systems also come with permanent, detachable breast shields that are easy to clean, while others have disposable pads that need to be replaced. If so, make sure to order enough replacements and keep spares on hand.
A breast pump review should also tell you if the model is portable or not. Working moms need on-the-go portability if they plan on returning to the workplace following maternity leave. Even if the baby is at a daycare provider, your breasts will swell and produce milk. If you don't express milk regularly, it can become painful or dangerous. A portable breast pump will ensure that this is never the case.

The contents of the kit should also be included within a breast pump review. From extra bottles, caps, disposable liners, storage, containers and tubing – a review sometimes offers valuable insight as to how worthy the system will be for a new mother who is considering purchase. It also helps to plan for the unexpected, such as buying additional accessories to have on hand.

Of course, you’ll find a wealth of information besides what is listed above, but these main points are something to browse when reading reviews. The nursing of your newborn is too important for parents not to be well-informed.