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Ameda Purely Yours Ultra:

The Purest for Mom and Baby

Flexibility, freedom and convenient portable breastfeeding is purely desirable for new Moms who want the very best for their new infant. Both mother and baby will appreciate the simplicity of the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump - providing peace of mind for the freshest portable means of breast expression available today.

The Ultra Breast Pump uses innovative features and extra comforts like:

  • Two electric pumps for faster milk expression
  • Dual hygiene kit collection system for the purest milk in the safest way possible
  • Easy cleaning - just put it in the dishwasher
  • Comfy plastic cups for nipple support
  • Comprehensive tote with all components included
  • AC Power Adapter for ultra portability
  • Loads of accessories...

Check out the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump for yourself...