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Ameda Purely Yours Ultra:

Mothers who trust Ameda Ultra agree...

I was so impressed with all of the customizable features that the Purely Yours Ultra had! I could adjust the strength and speed separately allowing for 32 different settings. I know that as my baby changes so will the pump.

Also the custom fit flanges provided a range of options to also adapt throughout the breastfeeding period. It comes with a HygieniKit , Cool N Carry, car adapter, and can run on batteries so I am also ready to go. Plus the bag is functional but still stylish.” – Lisa

Some women have trouble breastfeeding, but my baby and I have had very good luck with the Ameda Ultra. The handy car adapter means I can take him with me to more places without being tied to home. I like the portability aspect, with the cool ‘n carry tote it makes it a cinch to never miss an opportunity." – Patty

I tried another system before this one but it was confusing and complicated to assemble every time. The Ameda Ultra is a cinch to put together and clean in the dishwasher. My baby took to it and the areola cups were a lot more comfortable. I like this system the best and would tell other Moms who are considering breast feeding and pumping. – Jasmine D.

The Cool ‘n Carry tote is great because I can drop it off with the daycare and still take my pump to work with me to express milk during the day. My baby is purely healthy with the Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump. I’m happy with it. ” – Gretchen W.